Saturday, April 13, 2013

INSANITY - Day 6: Plyometric Cardio Circuit & Day 7: REST!!!!

Week 1 is done and tomorrow is a rest day! We were back to Plyo Cardio Circuit today. I think it went better than tuesday for sure. One cool thing is that I actually made it through the warm up cycle without having to stop. So that is an accomplishment for me. I lost 1.2 pounds this week taking me down to an even 185. I need to get some calipers so I can measure body fat. Not sure if my weight loss was offset by any new muscle or not. I'm certainly ready for week #2. 

Day #6 Fitness Stats

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Average HR:#135
Max HR:#164

Stats taken with Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Google Affiliate Ad)
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