Thursday, October 17, 2013

Race Day Nutrition and Hydration

So with race day only 10 days out, I'm getting pretty excited. I've had a few training runs that have left me very encouraged, while others have left something to be desired. I'm still working on my pacing strategy in order to hit my mark. I just don't have a good feel for what 'race day adrenaline' is actually going to do for me and how long it will help sustain me at a slightly faster pace.

One thing that I am pretty well set on at this point is my fueling and hydrating plan. I've decided that since I have spent my entire training cycle wearing my Nathan Elite One Plus belt, that it will be going with me. I actually just picked up some Race Number Clips to add to it. So far in training I've been taking in water every 1 to 1.5 miles on long runs, and keeping it at less than a mouthful. I'll be adding an Endurolyte Fizz tablet from Hammer Nutrition to my 22oz water bottle (probably Mango flavored).

As far as fueling goes, I'll be using Hammer Gel. My plan is to take 1 or 2 single serving packs 15 minutes before the race. Then have 3 servings (from my 26 serving jug) in my 5oz flask. I'll take 1/2 the flask at 5 miles and the rest at 9 miles. I also plan on keeping an extra single serving pack on me in case I need a boost towards the last couple miles.

So yeah, nothing new on race day for sure. These products have done well for me over the last 20 weeks and I feel good about bringing them with me.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Finish Line is in Sight (Sort of)

2 weeks from right now, it will be over. 20 weeks of training culminating in my first 1/2 marathon. 20 of the hardest training I've done in my life. Last week being the hardest yet with 42.8 miles and next week has 45 on the schedule. My training long run this last weekend put me within 2 minutes 30 seconds of my goal of being under 2 hours.

What is really crazy is how I'm already looking forward, past this race. This race isn't really a finish line. It's a warm up. Coming in April I have a choice of 4 races. Whether to do the Half or Full marathons at the Illinois Marathon or the Nashville Rock and Roll Marathon. I'm weighing the options of what differences there would be in training between a half and a full and if I'm ready to take that step. Also I'm looking at the couple of months between my current race and beginning of training for the next one. I'm trying to find the right balance of maintaining endurance level, but also strength training which I think could help take me to a whole new level.

Some Helpful Blender Keymappings

Blender is one of those one size fits many programs and it can really grow to fit your specific workflow. One area that is nice is the ability to add custom hotkeys. Here are a few that I have added lately that have saved me a bunch of extra clicking

To add a hotkey, go to the user preferences menu and the input tab. Go to the place in the tree menu where the hotkey needs to work, scroll to the bottom of that section and press "Add New"


  • Area Type Popup Menu
    • wm.context_menu_enum
    • Context Attribute: area.type
    • Shift Cmd Spacebar
3D View -> Sculpt

  • More Brush Hotkeys!
    • Clay Strips
      • paint.brush_select
      • Sculpt Tool: Clay Strips
      • Cmd C
    • Crease
      • paint.brush_select
      • Sculpt Tool: Crease
      • Alt C
    • Obviously You can use this patters to add your own favorites that don't already have a hotkey.  But these were 2 that I use a lot and wanted a quick way to get to them.   
  • Brush Direction Popup Menu
    • wm.context_menu_enum
    • Context Attribute: tool_settings.sculpt.brush.direction
    • Cmd D

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

"Are We There Yet 5k" Race Recap

This last weekend I ran in the Greenville First Christian Church Preschool "Are We There Yet 5k".  This race holds a special place in my heart because the 2013 running was the first race I ever trained for in my life. I purchased my first pair of running shoes 5 weeks before it and jogged it at 34:55. This year was different. The 5k took place on the morning of one of my long runs, so I swapped it out with this race which I would consider a short speed workout. The race is an out and back race around a little corner of Greenville, IL.

I got there early and took a 1.25 mile warmup jog and got ready to run. I went out at a good pace and only fell off a little. Runtastic puts my miles at 7:32, 8:17 and 8:40 with my final time at 24:56. That was good enough for 3rd place, only 2m 10s minutes behind the winner. It wasn't a super competitive race, but I feel good about my run. I ran hard and hit my target time of 25 minutes.

So what can 1 year and 900 miles of training do to you? It can cut 10 minutes off a 5k.

Rock and Roll St. Louis is this month!

In 27 days I will be standing in my starting corral at the St. Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I signed up for it 4 months ago and in the last 16 weeks have put in 72 workouts with a total of just under 500 miles. I have 3 more weeks of hard training and a week of taper before the actual race. I'm feeling good about my prospects in my first 1/2 marathon. I think a goal of under 2 hours is attainable. It will not be easy, but no goal worth attaining is easy.