Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Finish Line is in Sight (Sort of)

2 weeks from right now, it will be over. 20 weeks of training culminating in my first 1/2 marathon. 20 of the hardest training I've done in my life. Last week being the hardest yet with 42.8 miles and next week has 45 on the schedule. My training long run this last weekend put me within 2 minutes 30 seconds of my goal of being under 2 hours.

What is really crazy is how I'm already looking forward, past this race. This race isn't really a finish line. It's a warm up. Coming in April I have a choice of 4 races. Whether to do the Half or Full marathons at the Illinois Marathon or the Nashville Rock and Roll Marathon. I'm weighing the options of what differences there would be in training between a half and a full and if I'm ready to take that step. Also I'm looking at the couple of months between my current race and beginning of training for the next one. I'm trying to find the right balance of maintaining endurance level, but also strength training which I think could help take me to a whole new level.
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