Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some Helpful Blender Keymappings

Blender is one of those one size fits many programs and it can really grow to fit your specific workflow. One area that is nice is the ability to add custom hotkeys. Here are a few that I have added lately that have saved me a bunch of extra clicking

To add a hotkey, go to the user preferences menu and the input tab. Go to the place in the tree menu where the hotkey needs to work, scroll to the bottom of that section and press "Add New"


  • Area Type Popup Menu
    • wm.context_menu_enum
    • Context Attribute: area.type
    • Shift Cmd Spacebar
3D View -> Sculpt

  • More Brush Hotkeys!
    • Clay Strips
      • paint.brush_select
      • Sculpt Tool: Clay Strips
      • Cmd C
    • Crease
      • paint.brush_select
      • Sculpt Tool: Crease
      • Alt C
    • Obviously You can use this patters to add your own favorites that don't already have a hotkey.  But these were 2 that I use a lot and wanted a quick way to get to them.   
  • Brush Direction Popup Menu
    • wm.context_menu_enum
    • Context Attribute: tool_settings.sculpt.brush.direction
    • Cmd D

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