Wednesday, April 10, 2013

INSANITY - Day 3: Cardio Power and Resistance

Day 3 is done. 5:00am arrived as usual with Noah and I at the Annex. Cardio Power and Resistance starts with the same warm up and keeps a circuit feel. Lots of upper body (arms, chest, shoulders), core and jumping today. It felt good. I told Noah that one thing I'm working on is keeping my core tight during the movements. That is tough, but getting better already, I can see how it makes a major difference. I cooled off with a 9min 45 sec mile on the treadmill for good measure. 

Day 3 Fitness Stats

Cardio Power and Resistance

Average HR:132
Max HR:164

Stats taken with Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Google Affiliate Ad)
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