Sunday, May 19, 2013

INSANITY - Day 42 Rest

6 Weeks down.

Had a rough week. Weight is up stats are pretty level. Ended Saturdays workout with a pulled quad. Yuck. 

I ended this week where I started Insanity weight wise. Not sure how I feel about that. I'm sure it's just a high water weight day and that I'll go back down. I also think this being the end of week 1 of phase 2 that I may have built some new muscle this week, which is fine. I'm just so set on getting out of the 180's and I'm going the wrong way. I need to take a look at my nutrition and reign in any extra stuff that I'm eating.

Weight: 186.2lbs
Body Fat (caliper): %14.6  (10mm)
BMI: 26

Overall Changes Since Starting Insanity:
Weight: 0             (+4.6 this week)
Neck:    -0.65in
Chest:   -1.25in
Waist (at Navel): -1.75in
Hips:      -0.5in
Thigh:    -0.5in

Overall Changes Since January 2013:

Weight: -49lbs        
Neck:    -3.25in
Chest:   -5.5in
Waist (at Navel): -11.25in
Hips:      -4.5in
Thigh:    -4 

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