Saturday, May 18, 2013

INSANITY - Day 41: Max Interval Plyo

Pushed it pretty well today even though I was a bit congested and still a little groggy from my cold-medicine induced sleep last night. Actually, I burned 120 more calories than the last time I did the same workout!
I was doing really well actually until I got to the diamond jumps at the end. I just and pulled my left quad pretty well.  Icing it right now. Ouch. Then I sat on the floor to change a diaper after I got home, overcompensated on my right quad and pulled it a little while standing up...I'm pathetic.

Oh well good thing for me, tomorrow is week #6 rest day.My weight has been all over the place this week, so I really don't see this being a 'big loss' week (actually I may be up a pound or 2) But I'm ok with that. I feel strong and am trying to integrate the idea of slow progress/maintenance from here on out rather than the huge losses I was putting up a couple months ago when I had so much to lose. Phase 2 has me sore and that means those muscles are working and growing. That means gains.Now with only about 10-15 pounds left, it's gonna be a slow pound by pound, week by week thing and I have to get ok with that or I'll drive myself crazy and never let myself have any fun. I mean really, what is a life without the occasional biscuits and gravy for supper, or a  movie without popcorn? Whats that point of all this work if I can't enjoy all those things too? .. at least in moderation.

Day #41 Fitness Stats

Max Interval Plyo

Average HR:130
Max HR:175

Stats taken with Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Google Affiliate Ad)
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