Wednesday, May 15, 2013

INSANITY - Day 38: Max Cardio Conditioning

Today was somewhate better. I'm feeling less nasty (not 100% yet) and so that helped a bunch. Also I've noticed that all these new routines in Phase 2 have got me sore all over again :) So that is slowing me down a little. That should pass in the next couple days.

 Max Cardio Conditioning was a good workout. Not so many breaks pretty high intensity except for a little section in the late middle where you recover for a bit and at 48 minutes it's almost 10 minutes shorter than the last 2 workouts. To compare with yesterday, I worked out 7 minutes less and burned 41 more calories today. I'd say I kicked it a bit harder. Soon we take Phase 2 up to 100%.

Day #38 Fitness Stats

Max Cardio Conditioning

Average HR:130
Max HR:168

Stats taken with Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Google Affiliate Ad)
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