Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WJF DVD and Conference Update

I recently received an update email from the WJF. It was concering the recent airing of the 2005 convention on ESPN2 and the great reaction they have gotten from it. I especially liked this quote...
"That same day Vova Galchenko was recognized on the street by someone who had seen the shows. Pretty cool."
The DVD of the 2005 convention is getting finished soon and some of the features that will be available on the DVD are:
  • Both shows as they aired on ESPN2
  • 2 extended interview tracks
  • Behind the scenes making of the shows
  • Outtakes
  • The option to watch the shows without any commentary
Jason went on to talk about plans for the 2006 convention which will be held August 2nd - 6th, at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino and the Lied Memorial Boys and Girls club in Las Vegas. It sounds like it is going to be quite the extravaganza. 5 days of practice time, workshops, exhibitions, and competitions. Unfortunately for me, I doubt I can go this year, but I have my sights set on 2007, perhaps by then I might not be embarassed to juggle in public. Some highlights of the 2006 convention will be:
  • Vova Galchenko defending his club title
  • Thomas Dietz defending his overall title
  • Vova Galchenko in the advanced ball competition
  • Entries from Finland and Norway (Jouni Temonen and Kristian Wanvik)
The rates for attending the convention will be going up from $99 on May first, so get your registration in now if you want that rate. The hotel is offering special rates for WJF attendees. $49 for the weekdays and $89 for the weekend days. So I guess your hotel will run you about $330 for the whole convention (3 weekdays and 2 weekend days). American Airlines will also have special pricing for attendees. There should be a convention code for these on the WJF site soon.

Make sure to check out the store at the WJF, they have expanded their offerings to a full line of PX3 clubs (which look very nice). And of course, balls, rings, along with tshirts, posters and other such merchandise.

So, check out the WJF website, and try to get to the convention, buy the DVD when it is available, get some great gear, and help promote sport juggling!

That's all for now....

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