Friday, April 14, 2006

Google Calendar - More Goodies

While using Google Calendar, I've found some more goodies!

  • The ICal link works great with Thunderbird Lightning Extension

  • If you click on the + next to "Other Calendars" there is a tab for Holiday Calendars with a lot of countries and religous holiday calendars.

  • Quick add also recognized this statment as an all day event "Day off on May 1st", that made adding my work days off really easy since they rotate and are not the same every week

  • It is very simple to move items between calendars, just by editing the item

One problem I have noticed is the the "Where" field can be parsed out as a google map, which is cool, but, I like to have the name of the place there and not just the address and it is not apparent if there is a way to format the name/address so that you can have both.

I'll keep playing with it and see what else it can do.
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