Tuesday, April 18, 2006

getCals 0.1 Available

-Update: If you are interested in syncing your Gmail contacts, click here for getFolks

---Link To Download---

Update Version 0.11 - Minor Bugfix - Adds Trailing slash in location if not there.

So, I've done some more work on my little script and have compiled it into an exe. You can use it for free and if you feel like making a contribution if it works well for you, there will be instructions for that in the readme file. If you have any troubles feel free to email me at johnny.matthews+getcals@gmail.com

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-I'm not sure which Ipods have calendar functionality, but at the moment this works on the Ipod with video and also the Nano.

-To get the ICAL address from Google, go to your calendar view, click on the down arrow next to your calendar name and go to "Share this Calendar". Choose the "Calendar Details" option, then click the ICAL button next to the "Private Address" section
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