Wednesday, April 19, 2006

getCals Getting Some Attention

I placed a news story on about getCals and have gotten a fair amount of traffic. So people are at least interested in the idea of getCals. Thanks for coming by and if you came here from digg, please digg me :) I'm stuck in that 30ish dig area (37 at the moment) where you are not a 2 digg article but not quite front page material :)

I have gotten a little bit of feedback so far and getCals seems to be working alright for people. Please let me know your experience.

I am trying to come up with some ideas on how to enhance getCals. Right now it is very bare bones. Which is good. But there is surely room for improvement. As you use the software, if you think of things that might be useful, please add you comments here. The one major thing I need to add is a gui configuration tool so that people do not have to manually add or subtract from the .ini file.

I hope you enjoy using getCals, and if you do, please consider making a small donation per the readme file. Thanks!
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