Monday, April 24, 2006

Juggling Progress

So, I've started using Jason Garfield's method for juggling training. I got to say it is hard. The method really forces you to see how bad your form actually is. At first I was thinking, ah 10 well thrown 3 ball flashes, even height, no frantic grabs, etc...1,2,3, wide throw, 1,2,3,4...not even...1,2,3,4, moved feet. Man I stink at this. But after 2 weeks of a little practice every day and a couple of longer sessions, my throws are starting to even up. It is also hard to keep to the 10 perfect tries before moving on. Naturally I do 3 or 4 perfect tries and then want to move on. Patience.

However, all that being said I have been working on my 5 ball flashes and am hitting them a lot more often then I was 2 weeks ago. In a fit of not wanting to run 10 perfect 5 ball flashes, I have tried to do 7 throws and have gotten it a couple of times clean and I got 8 throws clean last night. So this is definately progress and I'm gonna keep with it. I can feel 5 balls 'setting' in. It is not quite so frantic to flash 5 (it really is slower than it seems) as it used to be. Although, I must say I really need to get a nice set of evenly weighted balls, cause when you move to 5 you can really tell the difference between the balls if they are not the same weight. But I spent all my 'juggling money' on a recent book and dvd set :), so I gotta save up, which is hard to do with 4 kids to feed.

I have also started working on trying to get a 3ball 3up 180. So I'm guessing a bit and using the breakdown/buildup method, I'm trying to get 1 ball 1up 180, Then do a 2 ball (crossing) 2 up 180, then to 3. Now before you all laugh at how pitiful that is, it seems like the most basic steps to me, so I'll build from there.

All in all, I'm very happy with my progress so far and am very encouraged to keep going with this.
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