Monday, April 10, 2006

juggling: Restarting

So, a couple of years ago out of a fit of wanting to learn something new, I surfed around the net and found some good resources concerning juggling. A co-worker and I started learning together. I made some custom juggling balls from here (did the smallest 12 panel ones)

and began. I learned 3 balls pretty quickly and was happy with my progress. I learned 2 in one hand and then a 4 ball fountain. I got up to an occasional 5 ball flash. I learned a bunch of simple patterns (reverse cascade, shower, half-shower, tennis, etc) but nothing too outrageous (I can do a little bit of mills mess, but that is about it) So then nothing. I have gotten no better even though I tried, so I let my new skills fade a little. I hadn't picked up my juggling balls in a long time and felt a cringe every time I walked past my gym bag filled with beanbags, stage balls an $90 worth of renegade clubs.

So, I'm looking over google video the other day and stumble upon the Chris Bliss / Jason Garfield videos. I had seen Jason's stuff before and was always impressed, and this was hilarious. So it inspired me to check out his website for the first time in a while and also the World Juggling Federation website.

I emailed Jason and asked him a couple of questions, then decided to get Jason's teaching DVD and book to see if they could perhaps help me in my juggling woes.

It is supposed to ship today, so I anxiously await their arrival.

I have no delusions or grandeur, I do not expect to skim his book and be able to do 7 club backcrosses the same day (which is good cause I only own 3) But I really have my heart set on being able to pull off a really nice 5 ball routine someday. So, is this a bloggable subject? Does anyone care? Who knows! We will see what the future holds.

I will write a full review of the book and DVD and also give you my first hand account of a lousy juggler trying again with a new method.
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