Tuesday, October 14, 2008

XNA - "Always...no, no...Never...forget to check your references"

There is something to be said for really knowing a topic. To be able to have information at your brain's fingertips at all times makes for quick work. But realistically, there is no way for me (rather than becoming a recluse) that I can have a full grasp of everything in XNA. So that being said, I find that gleaning knowledge from people who are smarter than I is a good use of time. Also, having their work/writings as a quick reference is also very handy. So here is a list of references for XNA that I have checked out so far. (Bonus points if you know what movie my post title came from)

The XNA Creator's Club has a LOT of tutorials and samples and videos to get you started and to keep you going. A lot of the information I am presenting to you is my take on what I have learned from this site so far, as well as these following ones.

Here are some blogs that talk about XNA and some of the advanced things you can do with it. Check them out!

Bad Corporate Logo

Cornflower Blue

Shaw Hargreaves Blog

Michael Klucher's Blog


These guys are a lot smarter at XNA than I am for sure, so I'm keeping their blogs on my speed dial for when I need some info! I try my hardest to make my tutorials my own and write them in my own conversational style, but sometimes it may seem like my information is VERY close to information posted by these guys. So please check them out too. If you are an XNA blogger/tutorial writer and you feel I have copied you, my apologies, it probably means I got a lot out of your lesson. Just let me know if you feel that I need to give additional credit to you and (if I was inspired by a post of yours) I will gladly give you credit in my post.
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