Monday, October 06, 2008

How it all started...

What got me "into" computers? I hadn't thought too much about it. It was always something that I was interested in and was drawn towards. But what was it that made it 'click' with me. Well the other night was movie night at our house and there was nothing good on TV. So out of the blue I suggested we watch an old favorite of mine from 1982. TRON. So I dug out my VHS copy and put it in and my kids were amazed by the (now very dated) special effects. They LOVED the light cycles and the tanks and thought 'bit' was hillarious. Then it hit me. This may be it. The movie that convinced me that computers were an exciting area, and that making computer games would be a very cool way to make a living (just like Flynn)

So, here I am 26 years later. I work with computers every day, but am not a game programmer. That brings me to my next series of upcoming posts. I've recently started learning the Microsoft XNA framework. Which is a .NET extension of classes for game programming on the PC, XBOX360 and Zune platforms. I have always found that teaching something helps me learn it better, so I will teach you how to use XNA and take another step closer to my childhood dreams of taking down the MCP with my identity disc.
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