Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Series of Tubes

No this isn't about the now convicted Senator Ted Stevens, or about the internet, this is about the most important type of tubes know to man. Invented by John Flemming in 1904, the vacuum tube.

Yes that's right I am the proud owner of a class A tube amp!
a Crate V33-212

The Fender on the bottom right was my current amp and it did ok, 25 watt solid state with a 10" speaker. But let me tell you what, this new amp sounds really good at 33 watts and with 2 12" speakers it has substantially more guts than the Fender (duh). It has a really full punchy sound with a nice crisp upper end. One thing I've found already is that my current pedal settings will need to totally change, since they were all geared toward the little Fender. Not that I mind tinkering :)

For those of you who come to the johnnyGizmo blog for XNA goodies, well this does fit in...sorta. I fully plan on recording background music for some XNA games using this amp. So you might just hear it.

If you are in the market for a tube amp, this one is priced to sell right now. Guitar Center and Musician's Friend have slashed the prices on this series of amps by over 50%. I think they aren't carrying them anymore, so now would be the time to snag one.

I've read some online that they have generic Crate speakers and Sovtek tubes. They sound fine to me so far, but sometime in the future, I'm sure that a tube upgrade and a speaker upgrade (maybe some nice celestions) would take this amp even further.

So I am really stoked about this amp, can't wait to play it in a band setting on wednesday night.
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