Monday, October 06, 2008

Getting Started with XNA

So you want to be a game programmer? Well my answer is yes, so I'm picking up the Microsoft XNA framework for C# as my first step. Some people agree with this and some don't but hey you gotta start somewhere. So I'm gonna take you, my loyal reader on this trip with me.

Right now XNA 2.0 is the current release, but 3.0 is in beta. If you want to use XNA 2.0 you need Visual C# 2005, 3.0 requires Visual C# 2008.

So lets install a couple of things to get going on this...

1. Visual C# 2005 Express

You can pick MS's free version of the visual c# here, get that installed and then get...

2. XNA Game Studio 2.0

Installing XNA will add the XNA classes/framework into Visual C#

Now something to keep in mind is that XNA requires a graphics card that can support shader model v1.1

3. While you are at it, you can visit and sign up for an account there. The forums there seem like they are active and people are willing to give tips.

So, do that stuff and we will start looking at some code in our next installment.
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