Selection Sets Add-On for Blender

Selection Sets Add-On for Blender

It is a quick way to create ad-hoc groups of items that can be reselected easily. Simply select some items and choose the plus button to add a new set. The items in the set are then displayed below.

Click the Cursor select button to select the objects in the selected group. To add more items to a group, select the group, then select more objects, then click the + in the lower list. You can also remove objects from a group in the lower list. This is a very early release (hence version 0.1) but I feel like it is already useful when Blender groups are too heavy handed.

A download link will be available again soon. After getting only a little feedback and talking to the Blender Marketplace folks, I think I will in fact be moving the script over there for a modest amount.

Changes in Version 0.4

  • Different Icon Layout
  • Clicking on a Set selects the set
  • Convert to Group Button

Changes in Version 0.3

  • Set names auto-fix duplicates (which caused problems)
  • Clicking on an operator changes selected set
  • Icon Spacing
  • Better Index Handling
Changes in Version 0.2
  • Icons in list box

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