Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blender Add-On: Selection Sets Version 0.3 (updates)

It's been a while since I've created a blender add-on, but some discussion on the #blendercoders channel prompted me to dig back into Python and create this: Selection Sets.

It is a quick way to create ad-hoc groups of items that can be reselected easily. Simply select some items and choose the plus button to add a new set. The items in the set are then displayed below.

Click the Cursor select button to select the objects in the selected group. To add more items to a group, select the group, then select more objects, then click the + in the lower list. You can also remove objects from a group in the lower list. This is a very early release (hence version 0.1) but I feel like it is already useful when Blender groups are too heavy handed.

While I applaud what the new Blender Marketplace is doing, I'm more of a give it away and let people support what they love sort of guy. So if you love this or any of my tutorials and want to say thanks, consider sending me some Amazon cash in any amount  you feel is appropriate! Just send it to Make sure to tell me in the message what thing you are sending the appreciation for :)

(Script Home Page)

Updated to Version 0.3 (download link)

Changes in Version 0.3

  • Set names auto-fix duplicates (which caused problems)
  • Clicking on an operator changes selected set
  • Icon Spacing
  • Better Index Handling
Changes in Version 0.2
  • Icons in list box

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