Thursday, June 27, 2013

Road ID

While I was visiting my Mom and Stepdad, last month, they showed me a great product that they both use. It is not one the improves performance, makes you look good, keeps you hydrated or anything like that. Instead, it is a little bit of insurance that you put on your wrist. I give you, the Road ID.

Simply put, the Road ID is a way for you to carry important ID on you while you are out running / biking / hiking / skiing / whatever. It is fully customizable with your information. Key information about who you are and who to contact in an emergency to "speak for you when you can't speak for yourself."  So for $20 if I were to be injured during a run, either in pain or unconscious, a first responder would have not only my name, but a couple of contact numbers and also be informed of any other important info I would want them to have.

I usually run very early in the morning 5:00am to 5:30am on shorter runs, as early as 4:30 on long run days. I'm a couple miles in be fore the sun is up. So even though I have on some reflective gear and a flashing arm band, there are still bleary eyed drivers out there and I do share the road with them. You never know what could happen.

 I got the Road ID sport in black (just like the sample image above) It is very comfortable and seems like it will be very durable.

So, check them out, they have brackets, dog tags, shoelace tags, ankle tags and even ones for your dog. They have a good deal of testimonials other site as well of people who were wearing their RoadID when it mattered most.

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