Saturday, June 08, 2013

Half Marathon Training - Week 1

I think for the next section of my blog, I'm not going to bore you with daily updates, instead moving to a weekly review of my progress. I've got till October 27th to get in the best shape of my life and hopefully post a great time in my first major race.

Week 1 went like this:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: 10.5 miles - 10:14 pace (this was before I started following my training plan)
Tuesday: 4 Miles - 10:43 pace (easy run)
Wednesday: 7.25 Miles - 10:49 pace (tempo run)
Thursday: 3.3 Miles - 10:50 pace (easy run)
Friday: Cross Train - Insanity Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
Saturday: 13.1 miles - 11:07 pace (long run)

I was happy with my long run at 2h 26m, obviously I have almost 2 minutes a mile to shave off in the next 20 weeks, but hey. I done crazier things.

I need to speed up my tempo run a little next time. I've gone back to the training calculator and changed the times a little to reflect what my times were this week as a starting point.

Next week I have speedwork (intervals) instead of a tempo run.

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