Saturday, May 13, 2006

Practice Journal and PocketMod

I tried really hard a few years ago to be a good Palm Pilot user. Well, it didn't work. I was terrible at the Jot script and it took too long to take a simple note. The organizational idea works, but the execution doesn't (at least for me) .

Well I was working on my practice journal for juggling and was given a tip on rec.juggling by "Little Paul" for a nifty little app. It is called PocketMod. It is based off a folding pattern for paper that creates a little 8 paged booklet. The program lets you choose from a variety of page templates (shopping lists, checkbook registers, contacts, games, reference, etc) and place them into the pages of the booklet and then you print, fold (and make one cut) and you have your PocketMod booklet. Perfect size for slipping into your back pocket or wallet. As of this moment, it looks like you need to have flash to create pages for PocketMod, so if you want to customize it beyond the pages they provide, you need their other program PDFtoPocketMod.

PDFtoPocketMod takes an 8 page PDF file and creates a PocketMod out of it. So I grabbed my practice journal page, made the cells a little bigger and made a PDF of it. Here is the result.

Juggling Practice Record PocketMod

If you don't know how to fold it, go here click on "Create a PocketMod" and there is a link for the instructions in the online version of the app.

So anyway, check it out, you might find it useful. I'm certainly going to give it a go.
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