Monday, May 15, 2006

While listening to Diggnation, I heard their ad for So I decided to check it out. It is a service where you list your DVDs, CDs and Video games for 'points' which are then spendable on other items listed on BarterBee (each 'buy' also has a $1 fee). Now if you listen to Diggnation, listen to the sponsor section for a coupon code for BarterBee. When you sign up, you usually get 5 points and $1, but with the coupon code, you get 10 points and $1. Since most movies/games are in the 10 point range, you basically get a free movie, cd or game just for signing up. Then if you sell 5 games a month you get additional points to spend on top of your point price for your item. I've listed a couple of movies to see how it goes, and have already spent my 10 free points (my wife wanted DDR for Xbox, that should be fun)

So, check it out and listen to Diggnation for their coupon code, and then check out and trade some stuff!


About 12 hours ago I posted 2 movies. X Files and Blade Runner, I have already had a request for X Files.
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