Friday, May 05, 2006

6 Ball Flash

My wife went to scrapbook with her friends tonight, so after I put the kids to bed, I hooked up the iPod to a pair of old computer speakers in the garage and did a little practicing. After some focused work on 5 ball cascade (which averages 7-10 throws clean these days) I decided to try my hand at 6. Now I do not have my new beanbags in yet so I had to use 5 12 panel bags and 1 4 panel bag. After a few attempts, I caught 5 out of 6 pretty clean. With a few more attempts, I flashed all 6 pretty clean (only 1 foot stepped forward) I managed to pull off about 4 more 6 ball flashes after that too (all Asynchronous Fountain pattern). After that I stepped back to 5 balls (which seems slower after 6) and managed to pull of a pretty clean run of 15 catches. Now I am really anxious to get my new bags in.

I also did a little bit of 3 club work (since I only have 3 nice clubs) and that is a workout in and of itself. I'm not so good at clubs. I'm working on adding in an occasional double spin in my regular pattern but height and spin don't always go as planned :) Also if you are thinking about clubs, remember that they have a woden dowel core, so if you manage to catch them with your fingers between the handles...ouch. Once I can get a good continuous double spin cascade and flashes going, I'll probably order 2 more of the clubs that I already have. I already have 3 95 MM Renegade Clubs, so at $25 each I can at least have a set of 5 for only $50 rather than shelling out $37 a club to start a set of Px3s. After shipping 5 Px3's would be about $200. A little rich for me at the moment. I like my Renegade clubs, but then again the only thing I have to compare them to is a set of Empire clubs that I was given as a gift when I first started juggling. The empires are shorter and do not have a center rod, so they are very light. Actually through a comdey of errors I was given 3 sets of Empire clubs, so I had nine. I gave 3 to my brother-in-law and still have 6 of them. I've been temped to cut them open, chop up a dowel rod and make them into something worth throwing. A little tape and work, and they just might work out...

I also have 3 rings. I guess I just don't get rings. I picked them up and threw them a little, but they are just not quite as fun for me.

All in all, a good night for juggling. Now I am tired and want to surf the web and maybe catch some TV before bed.

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