Saturday, July 20, 2013

Half Marathon Training - Week 7

I was off to a pretty slow start on Monday. I was pretty sore still from Saturday's 14 miler. But I still got out on the road. I put in a very slow 5 miles instead of an easy 6. Tuesday was supposed to be 5, so since I was feeling a bit better, I switched it up and put in my 6. Wednesday was a 7 mile tempo run which I was able to complete successfully. Thursday was a 5 mile easy and friday was off. Today I wanted to stay in bed, actually the voice in my head was telling me to take Saturday off altogether. Forget that. I was on the road at 4:35am and did the 14 mile loop again. A bit slower than last week, but still with a good 11:01 pace.

13 weeks to go until the race!

I read a great comic this week from The Oatmeal about running. Beware, The Oatmeal can be a bit crass from time to time, but the author really has a way of getting to the truth of things. Enjoy:

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