Sunday, January 18, 2009

Learning Modes - Extending the Chords

Now that we have a list of the triads that are diatonic to the modes of our key, we can extend them to include the diatonic 7th chords of the modes. We now have an even wider canvas to paint with. You may just thing that this is just slapping 7ths on each chord type. For Diminished and Minor, it pretty much is. But for the major 7ths you have to be careful. Because 2 will be major 7th and 1 will be dominant 7th.

I Ionian,Lydian,Mixolydian
Imaj7 Ionian,Lydian
I7 Mixolydian
i Dorian,Phrygian,Aeolian
imin7 Dorian,Phrygian,Aeolian
i° Locrian
i°7 Locrian
II Lydian
II7 Lydian
ii Ionian,Dorian,Mixolydian
iimin7 Ionian,Dorian,Mixolydian
ii° Aeolian ii°7 Aeolian
bII Phrygian,Locrian
bIImaj7 Phrygian,Locrian
iii Ionian,Lydian
iiimin7 Ionian,Lydian
iii° Mixolydian
iii°7 Mixolydian
bIII Dorian,Aeolian,Phrygian
bIIImaj7 Dorian,Aeolian
bIII7 Phrygian
biii Locrian
biiimin7 Locrian
IV Ionian,Dorian,Mixolydian
IVmaj7 Ionian,Mixolydian
IV7 Dorian
iv Phrygian,Aeolian,Locrian
ivmin7 Phrygian,Aeolian,Locrian
#iv° Lydian
#iv°7 Lydian
V Ionian,Lydian
Vmaj7 Lydian
V7 Ionian
v Dorian,Mixolydian,Aeolian
vmin7 Dorian,Mixolydian,Aeolian
v° Phrygian
v°7 Phrygian
bV Locrian
bVmaj7 Locrian
vi Ionian,Lydian,Mixolydian
vi min7 Ionian,Lydian,Mixolydian
vi° Dorian
vi°7 Dorian
bVI Phrygian,Aeolian,Locrian
bVImaj7 Phrygian,Aeolian
bVI7 Locrian
vii° Ionian
vii°7 Ionian
vii Lydian
vii min7 Lydian
bVII Dorian,Mixolydian,Aeolian
bVII maj7 Dorian,Mixolydian
bVII7 Aeolian
bvii Phrygian,Locrian
bvii min7 Phrygian,Locrian
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