Thursday, July 27, 2006

Juggling Tricks

So here is one of those 'nobody really cares' posts but I'll post it anyway cause it's my blog and you can't stop me!

I've recently been working on a few club moves and made a little progress. I was having trouble throwing more than 1 double throw in a row, but can now do a 3 club flash and continue juggling. Not exactly a killer move but it is at least progress. I also have been working on body throws with one club trying to get the throw correct. I can generally throw a reverse body throw (back to front) and last night actually caught a regular body throw (front to back) without the club smacking me in the head or flying away from me and crashing into something. I am also able to hit a 3 ball 3-up 180 pretty regularly now too. I've attempted a 3 up 360, but they are still not working. I need to spot my props better cause I still get a little dizzy after the spin. Oh well, small steps.
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