Saturday, July 15, 2006

3 Ball - 3-up 180

Well I took a break while programming tonight and had a short practice. In which I finally started hitting some 3 ball 3-up 180s. I had done it once before and was not able to replicate it, but tonight I did it 15-20 times. Something clicked. I think a major part goes to a tip Jason Garfield gave me on how not to get dizzy while doing 360s. He said that 'spotting' the balls was very important on giving you a focus point. So instead of throwing the 3 balls, turning and hoping they hit the right spot, I followed them through the turn, not only was I not dizzy, I could see where the balls were (imagine that). This may sound like common sense to some, but it made all the difference. Now that I can do the 180, its time to make that 360 work.

5 balls is still troubling me, I still need to put a bunch of work into it.
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