Monday, July 17, 2006

Google Local Ads?

I was skimming over some videos at youtube and saw a ad for a candidate for a judge. I thought that was kind of strange especially when I saw it was for St. Charles, MO. The video had nothing to do with judges or St. Louis. So I wonder now if google is taking IP address location as well as page content into consideration when serving up adsense ads. Since my IPs are out of Collinsville, IL which is pretty close to the St. Louis area. Very interesting. I wonder how far Google will be able to push this trend to serve local advertising content down to the end user. So those targerted ads just got a little more targeted.

The problem I see with this is for people like me who live out in the sticks. My IP addresses are served out of a city that is 30 minutes from here. So, my 'local' advertising will be just St. Louis based. I think until Google can pin me down to a closer radius, local advertising will only work for people who live close to where their IPs are registered.

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