Monday, December 01, 2008

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While there has been a rise in popularity in games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, there has been a secondary effect of having a renewed interest in music as a whole. The past year has a marked a dramatic increase in the amount of people either asking for guitar lessons or for advice on what new guitar gear they should get for themselves or their child. So in response to that, interest, I have started writing a series of articles to help explain some gear as well as give a little advice into this area. In the future, I'll also be writing some gear reviews as well as some more advanced gear articles. 

Starting Gear Articles
Choosing a Guitar
Choosing an Amp
Effects - Distortion
Effects - Filter
Effects - Volume
Effects - Modulation
Effects - Time Based
Effects - Pitch
Coming Soon...
Effects - Multi Effects
Other Accessories

Advanced Gear Articles
Coming Soon
Gear Reviews
Coming Soon

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