Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New WJF Site

Well, after a lot of tweaking, the WJF is now running its new website design. You can check out the work I did at:

Jason had a pretty good idea of what he wanted, so it has been a matter of assembling the site and making it work. It is pretty graphics intensive, so there are still some optimizations to take care of. But at least we got it launched in the timeframe that we had initially wanted.

The site is not completely done yet, there are still some sections to convert from the old site (like the videos) and some new stuff in the wings, but that is for after a well needed vacation.

So go check it out, and while you are there buy some quality juggling balls and learn to juggle :)

For me and my family, it is off to Disney World. We have been planning a vacation there for months and the time has come. We will drive down to FL and spend the week. Wwill have missed Hurricane Ernesto, so I think we just have to deal with the regular Florida weather.
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