Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Good Practice

I had a good practice last night. I started out with a little 3 ball high flashes before moving to 5 ball cascade work. No great strides there yet, but it will get there with time. I moved back to 3 balls for a while and was able to pull off some 3 ball 1 up 360's (not too impresive) and did manage to get a 3 ball 3 up 180. I was pretty happy with that.

I moved on to clubs and spent a good deal of time working on my 3 club cascade with double spins. I'm only adding extra throws as I can add them cleanly. I know this comes easy for some, but I'm working hard to get it.

Overall a good workout and at the end I was happy with a couple little moves that I was able to pull off.

I have been starting to put thought into organizing a juggling club. Here in Greenville, IL there is nothing close and it would be cool to generate some interest. It's just in it's conceptual phase right now and who knows how long it will be if I can make it really happen. The big problem I have is that as the founding member, I am no juggling star. So, I have to approach it as such. Anyway, that's about it for now.
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