Wednesday, January 24, 2007

getCals Getting Hosted

I recently got an email offering to host getCals since Google decided I broke their EULA somehow on googlepages. Once I have a new link available, I'll post it here. Also if you have used getCals in the past or get it in the future and want to show your appreciation, you can always use the chipIn box here to make a donation towards our family's adoption of a little girl from El Salvador.


Well, here it is. Thanks Nick for hosting it for me!



bleev said...

For some reason your name sounded familiar and then Dan Coulter? Haha. Two GC names. (: Funny. This is JUST what I was looking for. Calendar Sync to my iPod and thankful that someone I know (relatively) figured it out!

(: Thanks. Bethany Vieth (GC '04)

Anonymous said...

would be great if you let getFeeds as well be hosted - the googlepages-download is dead. thanks a lot! :)


Kyle said...

What exactly do I need to put into the .ini file...?

Unknown said...

Can you get GetFolks hosted somewhere too? Your link to that has been killed by google as well....

Anonymous said...

For anyone who is having trouble getting this to work:

First change the first line to location|E:\Calendars\ where E:\Calendars\ is wherever your ipod's calendar folder is

Next, open the getCals.ini file and replace calendar|personal| with calendar|Whatever you want the calendar name to be|the address of your Google calendar ical file*

*get the ical private address by clicking the down arrow of a specific calendar in the calendars section on the left hand side of Google calendars and choose calendar settings. Then click the ical private address and that's the address.

Javi Sorribes said...

Love your program... it's really useful. I think it would be great to have Gmail + Google Calendar together with a graphical interface, it'd make things really easier.

And it'd be also great to schedule updates.

s6xshotta said...

Hi, i tried to apply the process to syncing with the ipod itouch and I got a "location not Connected" message when i ran the getCal.exe file.The process i've applied is as follows:
1. Edit the .ini file as to contain the following:

The reason its private/var etc is because I am using a windows os and this is the filepath given to me when i use WinScp to connect to my itouch and get the path to the "Calendar" folder.
The other is my gmail calendar ICAL address (from settings in Google calendar)

Pls tell me what i'm doing wrong if the process you've outlined could be employed by someone in my situation...i.e. Windows+iTouch

PurpDaniels said...

OH MY GOD!!! All you people are leaving out one important aspect that is confusing all these people....After you change the getcals.ini...SAVE IT OVER THE OLD ONE....The exe is reading the one that came in the zipped file until you overwrite it with your location|F:\Calendars
and calendar|Personal|(private Ical address)......YOUR WELCOME!!!!!